Like a thunderbolt out of the blue, all those pieces my hindbrain keeps working on clicked this morning. I think I know why I’ve lost my passion and why I’m casting about for what comes next.

I have the capability to accurately judge risk levels and – here’s the insight – the willingness, ability and desire to take on, tackle, manage and mitigate much higher levels of risk than most staid enterprises are willing to take on.

This leads me to two additional insights. The first is based on the most thrilling period of my professional life when I was incubating businesses and running startups. Agility, Results and Risk were all part of the norm. The second is that those environments are typically where I find peers who are not only comfortable but actively willing to challenge me and welcome and encourage being challenged in return. Personalities go on the shelf, foibles aren’t savagely suppressed for fear of showing weakness. Everyone’s pulling on the oars equally, rowing madly towards a commonly understood goal.

That’s where I belong, getting things done yards, not inches, at a time.

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