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On the Importance of Cutting Away Anchors

Anchor on Shore

Anchor on Shore

Do you swim with an anchor tied around you? Snorkel? Scuba? Ok, how about running? We’ll settle on walking.

Why in heaven would you ever do any of those with an anchor dragging you down or weighing on you, always holding you back.

There are people in life who will compliment you, encourage you on and hold you accountable. They’ll hold you back when you’re about to make a rash decision, hold you close when you just need to wail a little and propel you from your shoulders when you’re trying to reach the next step. You’ll find them in all walks of life, at the oddest of times, don’t close yourself to the potential they bring.

But there are people we keep around like dusty tchotchke’s on the shelf of our life. We think them baubles not recognizing that they’re actually anchors. We all have those people – of mean minds and fickle jealousies. They are inconsistent at best yet we keep them around. I’ve heard of a gamut of reasons as to why we keep these people in our lives – I’ve as yet to hear a good reason.

There’s a variety of books on the topic, from those about safe people to watching out for red flags. While I encourage you to read them, this post is about encouraging you to face the pain of cutting those people out of your life. Yes, pain. It will be a painful, tough choice to make, I won’t mince words. You’ll get through it, you’ll feel the better for it once done. Lean on those consistent people in your life, they’ll recognize your effort and support you for it.

Cut those anchors loose.

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