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On the Importance of “The Plan”

You’ve heard of it before, right? That magical, mystical “We have a plan!”

Creating a strategy plan is a lot of hard work from a lot of people. Typically, smart people who are highly driven and motivated to create value. Unfortunately, when “The Plan” meets the shredder of life, everyone falls back on base instincts and anything resembling iterative adjustment falls apart. The best laid plans. No plan survives contact. We have these little quips we use, but it always seems to be post fact, not prior to. It’s as puzzling as how we love ignoring history, current and ancient.

STOP. DROP. ROLL. Fire out? Great, now learn, adjust and move forward. Generate some new ideas. Test them. Try them. Don’t try to predict the future outside of what you anticipate may happen. No one has a crystal ball and even the best logical reasoning flails horribly in the face of herd psychology. Expect further change.

Delorean Time Machine

Delorean Time Machine

But absolutely, positively don’t stick with the same plan. You have to have as much flexibility as you have humility of vision when it comes to strategy and execution.  If what I’m saying sounds a lot like the rigueur de l’heureFail Fast then – you’re on my page. For those in software development, yes, this is essentially Agile.

Be intentional. Be iterative. Be measured. Be rational. Be tenacious. But above all, be flexible, fail, learn and keep doing.

Failure is not to be feared.

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